Chef Aash

Eat. Feed. Love

Eat. Feed. Love

Eat. Feed. LoveEat. Feed. LoveEat. Feed. Love


Breakfast Bagels


Assorted bagels filled with a collection of ingredients to choose from. Served with some freshly cut fruits.

*for platters minimum  order required.

Bagel with natural organic PB (peanut butter) $3.00

Bagel with PB+JAM $3.50

Bagel with Cream cheese $4.50

Bagel Cream cheese, capers & fresh dill $5.00

Bagel with Egg, sautéed spinach, mushrooms & feta $8.50 

Bagel with Egg, goat cheese, grilled zucchini $9.00 

Bagel with Egg, prosciutto, sautéed red onion & cheddar $10.00

Bagel with Lox (salmon) and sautéed red onion $10.50

Lox & Sandwichs


Lox Platter $90 serves 10-12 

Savour your choice of cream cheese with slices of lox, served with freshly sliced tomatoes, red onion, capers, and lemon twists.

As always Aash is more than happy  customize your orders.  let us know what you like and we will work with you. Inquire within. for details.



Sandwich Platter $70 serves 10-12

Dig into our heaping portions of tuna, egg, and cream cheese sandwiches.

*Vegetarian platters available.

Fruit & Parfait


Parfait: $3.50 pp - 10 person min

Mixed berries, vanilla or strawberry yogurt, granola with drizzles of honey.

*Lactose free available.

Fruit - Around the world


Fruit Platte $40 - serves 20-25

An assortment of freshly cut fruit including melons, strawberries, grapes and other seasonal fruit & 1 Dip.

Tropical Fruit Platter $70 - serves 20-25

An assortment of freshly cut fruit including pineapple, Star Fruit, Mango and other seasonal fruit, Assorted Crackers, Cheeses + 2 Dips.

Mimosa & Smoothie Bar


Mimosas - Choose from: Orange, Grapefruit. Pineapple or Mango.

NOTE: can make 6-8 mimosa out of every standard 750ml   

**Prices vary based on type of champagne. 

Smoothie Bar - custom menus available.

*Contact us for pricing.